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Part 2 of Learn about Polarity Therapy by Jenna Newsome

What happens durung a Polarity Session?

A typical session starts with talking through your energy intake. This is much of the initial session, with the goal of building a holistic picture of the body, mind and heart in conjunction with your lifestyle and situations. You’ll talk about what you are seeking, you’ll set a goal for your session, and respond to specific, targeted questions to see where energy blockages might be in your system.

Then, you’ll get to enjoy :

  • Touch therapy—it’s one of the great benefits of the Polarity Therapy, where you relax clothed on a massage bed as the therapist’s hands create an individualized series of contacts, allowing deeper relaxation and normal energy flow.

  • Awareness discussion to develop awareness of the energy principles in your specific goals and obstacles—what the energy sources are, who you really are, and how obstacles can unwind.

  • Nutritional discussion uncovering the source of anything nutritionally obstructing your path.

  • Movements and stretches to help you go home and create your own energy relationships after your session is over. You can then work with freeing the energy in your own time.

A session can also include:

  • Meditation, aiding self awareness and energy consciousness

  • Light therapy, using colored light to support targeted energy release and balance.

  • Sound therapy, using specific combinations of musical sounds to support release and balance.

Polarity, After the Session

How will I feel after a session?

After the session ends, it’s likely you will feel extremely relaxed. By itself, that is very healing. The body has its own innate ability to heal itself, but only when it’s relaxed. That’s not where the results end, however. Because the energy that shifted is responsible for creating the mind, heart and body, all of them can start to move. Initially, body changes can develop and balanced emotional states and healthy mental images can emerge. These may be small at first. However, even just starting off with being able to go into the same life situations with new reactions and postures can snowball to large end results. The possibility for these results to follow small shifts is what makes this an elegant healing therapy. Not only can you feel relaxed and attended-to at the time, but you may heal much more fully, with less emphasis on money, pills, surgeries, painful exercises, and similar things. However, if you still choose for these to help you in your healing, they can be used effectively with love and awareness.

What about my life problems?

As the body, mind and heart are coming into harmony and balance, the side effects of the treatment may involve creative ideas and ways to be healthy in seemingly unrelated parts of yourself and your world. Just take a look around in your life as you walk through the next day or several days afterwards. New ideas on how to handle old situations may start to jump out at you. New opportunities, creative ways of resolving your challenges, can start to be offered to you, because the energy of your whole life and the entire universe is also connected to the shifting energy.

Can this impact my existential questions?

And after all this, still one more likely side effect of the energy shift is meaning. Once an energy

block is released, in that spot in your life, you can stop judging yourself and be aware of where you fit in the grand universe. This can lead not only to the tools and materials necessary for completing your life’s mission, but a sense of being in the flow, things unfolding as intended, and being of service.

How long does all of this take to make an impact?

Big life shifts can snowball over time from a single session. It is ideal to focus on maintenance sessions that can create a space in the routine for energy building. This is just like going to the gym on a regular basis. It is useful for a healthy lifestyle. Regular Polarity therapy is the healthy habit of overall health building, which, like exercise, can make its largest impact over a lifetime. Not only that, but with each session you can arrive with new opportunities, awareness and struggles, and so each session offers potential benefits different from any other session. This can add, over time, to a balanced, free energy body.

Yes, all that does take time, but notice also right away what happens after you get home, drink water and create a still space. New insights and feelings may immediately be apparent.

This may sound like a lot, but we fit in one dynamic place in it and in that place is health and wellness. So, if you’re here reading this message, something inside is ready to find that place. It’s ready to experience your life more fully. Now it’s time to do it for yourself.

Sign up for a health-building, money-saving series of sessions by calling our office at 304-728-6996. Book a single session today right on the website by clicking here, and experience the work of this great therapy for yourself.

What people are saying about sessions with me:

“When Jenna does polarity therapy on me I am always reminded that the pain I carry on a daily basis, whether it is from past injuries or emotional pain, is not necessary to carry any longer. I realize each time I see Jenna that I do not need to live with pain! The beauty of Jenna's works is how wonderfully patient she is. She will stay with me on one area for as long as I need in order to work through that pain. As a fellow colleague of Jenna's I am grateful to her for aiding in my healing process.”

AY, Harpers Ferry, WV

Just a reminder: Sign up for a health-building, money-saving series of sessions by calling our office at 304-728-6996.

Book a single session today right on the website by clicking here, and experience the work of this great therapy for yourself.

“As within, so without.”




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