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Learn about Polarity Therapy by Jenna Newsome

Polarity at Replenish

What motivates you? What do you really need or desire? We all have our own collection of

things we want, things we don’t want, and even a lot of stuff we may never change.

Desires for money, serenity, love, or health--conscious or otherwise--power our life decisions.

People may offer you information on how to become rich, sexy or powerful. Friends and co-workers, family and neighbors can all push their own ideas about how you should spend your money and time. You may not mean to imitate them, but somehow it happens. This all adds up to a major distraction for you.

Who are you? What do you really want and care about? When it’s time to leave this world, how will you wish you had lived? The answers to these basic questions are some of the most important things to figure out, and the answers aren’t always simple or easy to hear. Our lives will let us know what path we’re on, because emotional, physical or mental pain are signs of an unfulfilled life. Fortunately, if we listen to our bodies, we can connect once again to our place of abundance and ease.

You’ve come this far because you realize that something here can help find your proper place.

What is Energy?

Ouch, you’re in pain now. You lost your path and meaning, and now they’re desperate for your attention. The pain is not taking anything less than major lifestyle changes for an answer. How did it get this bad?

From oak trees to ashtrays, all physical matter has an energy pattern, and humans use theirs to

fulfill their purpose. Whether they ultimately find it or not, everyone has a place where they feel they fit in, both physically and mentally. In that place are fulfillment, abundance, and spiritual development—things we deeply need. And directing it all is our energy pattern. But habits learned or feelings ignored over a lifetime can imbalance the normal energy flow. Eventually, those habits become our mental, emotional and even physical pains.

We should thank those disorders, as they alert us that we are misaligned with the energy blueprint we were made with. Whether we know it or not, we want to live out our true meaning--every one of us. Life and all its struggles are easier to cope with if we are on our path, and our pains simply aren’t there anymore. We become filled with much more joy. So, if you know that you’re not on it, how do you get back on?

What Exactly is Polarity?

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­It’s Chicago in the mid-1940s. Patients are seeking help for ailments and not finding hope anywhere. One medical doctor is unstoppable in his passion for a cure. His five medical degrees in western medicine alone can’t help him cure all of his patients. He looks to the East, and decides to travel to India to pursue energy medicines such as ayurveda and yoga. Finally, after searching for decades, in one late-night revelation, the studies combined and a new medicine is born. He had learned how to harness energy itself to help patients heal from sickness and dissatisfaction.

This man was Dr. Randolph Stone, the father of Polarity medicine. Using Polarity to help heal

the cases he was unable to change before, he successfully helped many clients all the way into the early 1970s.

“Energy is the substance behind the appearance of all matter and forms.” --Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone began to understand that we’re made of energy. Also, just as normal energy patterns create healthy humans, constrained energy patterns create unhealthy humans. Mental, physical and emotional energies are all connected. Using energy principles, he successfully designed techniques of touch therapy, movement, energy nutrition and discussion that enabled patients to realign their energy flow and simultaneously find mental, emotional and physical wellness. More effective than his old medical practices, building functional energy flow could allow for difficult cases to recover fully without invasive procedures. Polarity is a drug-free, non-invasive form of therapy that utilizes energy to help human beings heal on all levels--mental, emotional and physical.

Fortunately, in his many years as a therapist, Dr. Randolph Stone passed information about his formulated healing methods to many other healers.

How do you know if Polarity energy medicine is for you? That’s easy: it’s for all of us!

Polarity therapy:

  • Is excellent at aiding in major life transitions,

  • Helps make newness comfortable,

  • Is good at helping relieve pain and tension,

  • Helps build overall health and overcoming hardships,

  • Can be relaxing and healing,

  • Helps you stay on path for success, purpose and fulfillment,

  • Helps unify you with universal energy;

  • Regular visits additionally allow healthful habits to blossom, and

  • Can increase feeling of individual attention, and

  • Can help calm mind, body and heart.

  • This combination of eastern healing principles and scientific advances reaches far and wide and helps almost everyone.

I’m Jenna Newsome, Board-Certified Polarity Practitioner, and I’m here to help you ease your struggles, and also reach life goals of the body, heart and mind. Polarity energy medicine is an integral tool for me to help people find themselves, and also in my own life path and healing.

In 2002 I had reached a dead end with my own personal struggles, and I needed help. I grew up with Polarity Therapy, and after failing to get help from many conventional doctors, I returned to Polarity. Polarity was the one thing for me that I could feel significantly helping. While I would lie on the therapist’s table, I could perceive things physically moving around in my body, even when I wasn’t being touched. I was able to recover from several severe illnesses. I began to study and use this myself in 2007, and, ever since, I have been motivated to use this to help others find their health and happiness.

This is an opportunity for me to fulfill my mission, and to help you fulfill your own. You may schedule an appointment with me by clickiing here.

Check in with my next article and learn about what happens in your average session.



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