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Polarity Therapy with Jenna Newsome, BCPP


You’re here because there is something you need.  Perhaps it’s to ease physical or emotional pain, or to move closer to spiritual goals.  Or, if you’ve just hit a dead-end, then you’re ready for a change in your understanding.   The changes you seek can be found by managing the energy system that connects us with balance in our lives. Changing this energy for the better can cause anyone to look super and feel love, health, and a sense of belonging.


This energy flows naturally, but can easily be blocked when we are forced to adapt to the needs of family, friends, and the outside world.  If these internal obstacles aren’t cleared, they grow and eventually obstruct our sense of self worth, health, and personal power. Energy blockages can cause physical and psychic illness.  Our suffering here actually is useful in identifying energy points where we aren’t in touch with who we are inside, and aren’t living our true purpose.


To get you back into that natural state, Polarity re-orients blocked energy, allowing health and ease to resume.  It has four main ways it works:

  • specialized touch procedures and communication;

  • structured stretches and exercises;

  • awareness, and

  • nutritional education. 


In each session, clients may experience any combination of these approaches. Additionally, color therapy, meditation, and sound therapy may be used to recover ease of access to their vitality.  Sessions can be extremely relaxing.  Personal insights and energy shifts during sessions can bring on life changes and a higher appreciation of purpose.


Five-Session Package: $499

Full-length 90 minute session:$110

Additional Supports:

Sound Therapy: $10


As you experience your Touch Therapy, support and deepen your healing process with Sound Therapy.  


This technique uses select ambient sound frequencies to vibrate specific areas for healing the body, mind and heart, helping restore balance, health and well-being.

Light Therapy     $10


Similar to Sound Therapy, deepen and support your Touch Therapy session with colored Light Therapy.  Use select colored light directed at the body to vibrate specific areas of healing, helping restore mental, emotional and physical balance and harmony. 


Set up an appointment today, and begin building your wellness with a certified therapist. Your health is worth building.


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NOTE: Jenna has a very busy schedule and if you are unable to book online, please call the office at 304-728-6996. Thank you!


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