Kimberly Huneycutt NTP, LMT

Founder of Replenish Wellness + Licensed Massage Therapist + Nutritional Therapy Practitioner + Wellness Coach


Hi. I’m Kimberly Huneycutt LMT, NTP + I’m on a mission to be healthy + happy for the rest of my life, and I hope to help you achieve the same. 

I'm married, and have 2 grown children that I'm proud to say are amazing human beings. 


I’ve been a full time massage therapist specializing in painful muscular movement disorders, as well as autoimmune disorders since 2000.

I have a rather unique experience of working with chronically ill, and in chronic pain clients, as I was once one myself.


I started this business back in 2005 as Harpers Ferry Muscular Therapy as a sole practitioner, with one main goal, to help people in our community feel better in their bodies, without drugs or surgeries. 

My business quickly grew, as did my offerings. 


As I worked with clients, I realized that massage wasn’t the only modality they needed to achieve their health + wellness goals. I went to school to add to my wellness toolbox. I was certified as a wellness coach, as well as a nutritional therapy practitioner. 


I started teaching women’s wellness classes and that was so wonderful. Women were able to share with other women about their lives, as well as make huge changes to their lifestyle, and became healthier for it. 


As my business grew, so did my client waitlist, and I started to bring on independent contractors, and I helped them grow as a massage therapists. They came on with no clients, and swiftly they became fully booked. 


We eventually all moved to a bigger multi suite location in Charles Town, and I rebranded my business as Replenish Wellness + Massage Center llc. 


However, I ran the whole thing. I wore every hat in the business, was raising 2 kids, and was a full-time caregiver for my father-in-law with Parkinson's....and slowly I became ill. 


Depression set in. Severe fatigue, and this blistering skin rash along with joint pain. This wasn’t good, for my family, my clients, my staff, or me. 


After about 3 years of stuggling, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis + severe acute depression + PTSD…goodness. 


I had a lot to work on with myself. I had to make some drastic changes in my life, if I wanted to beat this thing, which I did. 


I tried to continue to run my multi therapist business, but in August of 2018 I closed the doors. Looking back I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but now I know I was trying to save myself. I ended many toxic relationships, and inadvertently ended up shutting my business of 13+ years down. With a pocket of snotty tissues, I just walked away from it. I donated all my business furnishings to a  recovery house for women that just opened in Winchester. It was bittersweet for sure. In 1998 I became clean from drug addiction, and because of my sobriety I was able to build this business, so it came full circle for sure. 


I’ve put the psoriatic arthritis dis-ease into remission with an autoimmune paleo food plan, I get counseling and EMDR for the depression and PTSD. Through this though, I’ve gained about 60 pounds from being in bed so much, but since January of 2019 I’ve let go of 18 pounds, and it's slowly coming off. I’m able to work, workout, and hike again, which is one of my biggest loves… hiking. If you're friends with me on Facebook you'll see endless photos of me hiking or taking new hikers on the local trails. 


Important to note is I’m back to work doing massage with very minimal discomfort. It took a while for my body to heal, and I do occasionaly have flare ups, but I’m seeing a local acupuncturist for those pesky flare up things. 


I moved my solo practice to where I am now, as a contractor at a local spa in downtown Charles Town. I still practice as Replenish Wellness + Massage Center, within their spa, and every single day my health improves.

I’m back to having a waitlist, as my health gets better, I’m able to do the work and activities I love. 

Maybe I'll even reopen my own location again? 


I've been in the holistic health care field for over well 20 years now. I understand how hard change + healing can be, but I know it's totally doable. I'm living proof of it. 


Welcome to my practice!













My Education:


- Studied Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind/Body nutrition with Marc David of The Institute for Eating Psychology.


- Studied foundational holistic nutrition with Nutritional Therapy Association. Certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.


- Studied behavior change psychology and coaching with Wellcoach®s School of Coaching. Certified as a WellCoach.


- Studied Mind/Body individual and group wellness coaching with the Circle of Life Health and Wellness School of Coaching. Certified as a Mind/Body Health and Wellness Coach.


- Studied Massage Therapy at Baltimore School of Massage and is a Nationally and WV State Licensed Massage Therapist. I specialize in deep tissue and restorative massage.  


- I joke that I got my Ph.D in health and wellness of body, mind and spirit on I have read about a zillion books and keep reading. My husband has to keep buying bookshelves for me-- I read and keep all my books. I continue to stay ahead of the ever changing health scene by taking online classes, seminars and have an active role in my nutritional therapy program of study.