Whether you want to lose weight, recover your health, improve digestion or just want to feel better, we can help.

We are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date wellness knowledge and empowering you to make the changes you seek.


We have 5 core concepts that underpin our individualized programs.


Lifestyle: Are you a busy working mom that has a hard time taking time for yourself? Are you interested in making changes but don't know how or when you can make the changes? We take all your personal challenges into consideration while designing a program you can successfully navigate.


Bio-individuality: We are all different and so are the needs of your body. We take genetics, the seasons, food sensitivities and find what will work for you.


Real Food: In order for our bodies to function optimally we need to give it the raw materials it needs. Our body has no idea what to do with processed, genetically modified, or chemically laden food. We stress the importance of eating a properly prepared, nutrient dense diet.


Functional Evaluation: As a Holistic Wellness Coach, we have a specialized set of tools to asses the underlying dysfunction of your body. We look at the primary foundations of health which are: digestion, blood sugar balance, mineral and vitamin balance and hydration. Our primary focus is digestion. You can be eating the cleanest, most healthful diet on the planet, but if your digestive system is not breaking down the nutrients your body won't be able to utilize them for optimal health.


Education: This is big! With all the confusion today about what a good diet is, we are here to share with you what we know to be true. Is fat healthy? Are eggs OK? Organic or not organic? What is going on with wheat? We can answer these questions for you and if you still want to pursue your questions more, we can offer you a huge resource of handouts, websites, books and articles about wellness, food, stress and just about anything holistic.


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