Starting January 28th at 4 PM

Sisters! Let the rhythm lead you into 2018! We will gather monthly for radical self-care — mind, body, spirit — allowing silence, laughter, rhythm, song, and gentle movement to reconnect us to ourselves and to other women in a time-honored practice.

Featuring frame drums and other percussion. No fee, and no experience necessary. Some instruments provided.

• What to bring
Cushion or yoga mat, water, a simple round frame drum (if you have one--some will be available to practice on). Doumbek and other percussion pieces are welcome (shakers, tambourines, etc.). Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. Bring your breath, bring your spirit, bring your heart to share with your sisters.

• Important to know
This is intended to be a different experience than the open community circles I host-- focused on women and women's experience, quieter drums, more contemplative in nature, and an expectation of gentle movement along with the drums. Fear not! Everything is voluntary.

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