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Kimberly Huneycutt NTP, LMT



Best deep tissue work ever - Kim really gets to the base issue of your pain. Also does nutritional and wellness therapy if you are really interested and healing the whole body!


Wonderful work

Kim worked wonders on my back and shoulder muscles when I could hardly move. She can adjust her massage techniques to suit any situation, from relaxing whole body massage to deep tissue massage to fix a problem! Thanks Kim for helping!



After lifting a box that I shouldn't have, my back muscles were so tight, I could barely move. After a session with Kim, I was able to drive home sitting up straight again and, though still sore, no more major pain!


Excellent myofascial release

The myofascial work that Kim does is the only type of body work that gives me lasting results. I have received massages from MANY therapists in the last 20 years and Kim is in the top 3. I am very grateful for her work. We are lucky to have her in this area.


Nutritional Consulting With Kim Is Awesome!

Kim blew my mind with her wealth of knowledge on nutrition! Her information on food and digestion is totally user friendly. After only one session I felt I had taken a huge step in the right direction for my well being. And after one day of making the recommended dietary changes I felt a remarkable difference in my digestion and energy! I can't wait for my next session with Kim!


I couldn't live without it!

I see Kim every two weeks, and I feel like the deep tissue work that she does on my body keeps me healthy. It is an essential part of my life.


Nutritional Consulting With Kim Changed My Life

In just a few short months I have transformed my relationship with food and myself, thanks to Kim's information! I have gone from sitting on the couch, binging on junk food, to craving greens and exercising 5 days a week! I can honestly say, I AM VIBRANT! And it is AWESOME!